Mother’s Day was approaching, and I was at a loss of what to get my mom. I knew I wanted to give her something meaningful — she is my mom, after all. And I knew how much she adores tulips.

My mom will happily recall for you that the tulips in Holland grow to be “this high,” as she motions to her shoulders and her eyes grow big. She’ll go on to tell you, she was 4 years old when she visited the gardens in Holland. And it was then that she fell in love with the tulip flower.

I had a lovely photo of a bed of tulips, but it wasn’t quite right for framing. I decided to get creative and make something from the photo. What mother doesn’t love a hand-made gift from their daughter? So I brought the photo into Illustrator and created a vector image for her that could become anything she wanted; stationary, a single framed picture, anything. And these would always be in bloom.